Sustainable zoning structures

Named after Gaius Julius Caesar the famous ruler of the Roman Empire. Inspired by the beauty, elegance and longevity of the ancient Roman architecture.

Like it’s historic ancestors, the creation is rather a piece of artwork than a plain space-definer.

Zoning is a key characteristic in today’s office space, and Gaius is a strong and charming addition that provides designated  zones without the harshness of solid partitions and walls.

Gaius is a sustainable zoning structure with the option of a sheer fabric or an acoustic panel insert.

Taking shape in the form of a strong wooden frame with soft curves, the sheer fabric softens spaces with gentle screening, while the acoustic board provides privacy and sound absorption.

Both panels provide visual differentiation for zones in the workplace.

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WIDTH: 800mm
DEPTH: 100mm
HEIGHT: 2400-3000mm
Gauis Sheer – Dance Eco Sheer
Gaius Acoustic – Styleboard