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Centro plc

How to manage the sun

Centro are a leading commercial and residential agency and describe themselves as having a modern approach to property management. This means they cover everything from property folios, rentals and maintenance - and offer 24/7, 365-day support. When they built an atrium in their Bedford headquarters they turned to Stansons for support.

The atrium that created a greenhouse effect

The atrium at Centro’s HQ created a bright atmosphere, however when the sun came out, heat build-up and excessive solar glare made the area uncomfortable. As Centro is a professional company they sent for another professional - Stansons. The brief was to reduce the heat and glare in the conservatory without losing too much light. As can be seen in the picture, the sloped roof of the atrium added another challenge.

The Stansons Solution

Stansons solution was to develop motorized blinds powered by a 24-volt system featuring integral motors in the blind headrails. Stansons Dual-Screen fabric was created in a pleated form to cover the nylon-coated steel supporting wires. The fabric itself produced a high rate of rejection of solar heat and shading from glare. The motorised system was operated by handset or wall switch with electronic limiters programmed and set by Stansons qualified installation teams. The result was a seamless shading solution.

A cool head for business

Centro plc now felt they had a better atmosphere for business at their HQ and praised Stansons own professionalism.