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Stansons delivers comprehensive and specialist shading solutions to the healthcare sector, including the NHS, that promote patient well-being and recovery. We provide high-quality shading solutions to GP practices, clinics, healthcare centres, hospitals, care homes, and medical research centres in the public and private sectors.

Our expert design team will advise you on the latest products specifically for healthcare facilities, such as anti-microbial fabrics and safe operating devices. Our nationwide team of in-house installers provide a high quality, flexible and consistent service. Whether you are a care home developer, or NHS facilities manager, Stansons’ intelligent shading solutions are designed to delight your patients, residents and employees.


Our intelligent shading solutions for the healthcare sector and NHS include specialist products, such as anti-microbial fabrics and operating systems designed for potentially vulnerable residents and patients with special needs. You can also choose from our huge selection of blinds, curtains, window films and outdoor shading, supported by our unique concealed blind bulkhead Blindbox, and intelligent fabrics.

Case Studies

You can read more about how our expertise can work in various sectors in these case studies.