Window Film

At Stansons our range of high performance window film is designed to address common glazing functions such as heat, glare, safety, security, privacy as well as enabling large area graphics for branding or aesthetics.


Anti-glare window film increases user comfort by reducing transmitted solar energy. Anti-glare window film is tinted, typically charcoal or bronze in colour and includes a 99% UV filter to block harmful rays and reduce fading of interiors. Window film can dramatically reduce air conditioning loads and helps to maintain a constant internal building temperature.

Heat Rejection  

Heat rejection films help reduce cooling costs by reducing loads on air conditioning, saving energy and reducing the carbon footprint of the building. Heat rejection films can be clear and visually non-apparent, or a mirrored finish, typically silver or bronze. They also include a 99% UV filter to block harmful rays and reduce fading of interiors.


Manifestation makes glass clearly visible and prevents accidents. Traditionally manifestation is created using an acid etch or frosted film, in bands, dots or squares.

Whilst manifestation is a legal requirement, it can also provide the opportunity to add an extra dimension to glazing. Our graphics and printing team work with clients to incorporate company logos, graphics or other bespoke patterns in full colour.


Privacy films bring valuable light into buildings while preventing vision to sensitive areas. Our range of privacy films includes internal and external film, and can provide two-way or one-way privacy based on the imbalance of light. The most common privacy film is an acid etch film or vinyl providing a frosted appearance to both sides.


Unprotected glazing can be potentially lethal in high-risk situations. Our security films protect people across the UK in schools, government and council buildings, banks and workplaces. Our range includes safety film to upgrade glass to safety glass standard and blast protection film to minimise injury in the event of an explosion. The films are available in a range of different thicknesses and capabilities ensuring a solution for your installation.