Outdoor Shading

Outdoor shading can make interiors more comfortable by reducing solar gain, or providing ventilative cooling. Outdoor shading can also offer solutions to help better use be made of valuable outdoor resources.


Awnings shade the perimeter of a building or an open space from the sun, providing comfort for building occupants while controlling glare, and creating a comfortable outside area for uses such as relaxing or dining. Awnings are available in a wide range of fabrics and styles and are manufactured using the highest grade materials and fabrics after rigorous testing.

Awnings can be operated via geared crank handle, but are usually motorised and operated by a range of controls from simple remote handsets to automated systems linked to wind, rain and sun sensors.

External louvres  

External louvres provide external airflow and vision whilst preventing glare. Our range of external louvres is manufactured using the highest grade materials and is powder coated for excellent corrosion resistance. External louvres can be finished in any RAL colour, and are available in a large range of styles and options, ensuring a solution for your installation.

When incorporated into the building design, external louvres can help provide natural ventilative cooling by allowing airflow through the building.

External venetians  

External Venetian blinds provide a highly efficient method of controlling solar gain by limiting the amount of solar energy that enters a building. They are available in a wide range of colours and slats, providing external vision for building occupants while precisely controlling glare.

External Venetian blinds are manufactured using the highest grade materials and have undergone rigorous and extensive testing.

External Venetians are usually motorised and concealed within the building fa├žade. They can be operated by a range of systems from simple remote handsets through to automated controls linked to environmental sensors.


Outdoor shading can be operated by geared crank, or by motor, with a fixed or wireless control. It can also be linked to environmental sensors for complete autonomy.

Geared crank 

A robust option for larger and heavier types of shading with a geared mechanism built in and use of a detachable crank handle making it the safe option with no ability for unauthorised deployment of the shading.


This versatile system gives freedom from manual operation. Movement of the blinds is achieved via a control system linked to the 240V mains power, or by a discreet, wireless, handheld device.


Energy savings and improved comfort can be achieved by using environmental sensors to intelligently adjust the shading in responses to the surrounding environment.