Intelligent Fabric

Stansons intelligent fabrics offer a full range of textile solutions designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of your shading projects. With fabric ranging from simple, durable, everyday styles to more executive varying open weave fabrics all the way up to opulent and luxury designs, there is a fabric solution to suit any application.

Dim Out 

Offering an exceptional range of textiles. Providing privacy and glare reduction


A professional’s option. Fulfilling the executive requirement of virtual black-out, total protection from sunlight and complete privacy.

Solar Reflective 

Presenting the experts choice. Enhanced functionality, with a solar reflective backing with thermal insulating properties.

Woven Mesh 

A fine selection of woven mesh fabrics. For excellence in shading and uplifting outward vision, acting as a thermal insulator and saves energy.

Foil Backing 

The superior collection of high performance textiles. Granting outward vision, internal variety, external continuity and high heat rejection.

Aluminium Slats 

A practical and lightweight solution with durable material that is available in a range of colours and finishes offering complete sun management.

Timber Slats 

Prestigious slats offering versatile light control, and luxury window dressing, a sophisticated variation of a practical solution.