Curtains can provide answer to a wide range of window challenges. They can simply be draperies that create the key decorative element of an interior – or they can provide a range of special performance benefits, from enhancing privacy and shading to controlling sound.


Voile curtains provide vision with privacy for the occupants and a uniform appearance to the building from the outside. Our range of voile curtains includes plain, textured and patterned fabrics in a range of colours. Many installations typically use a white, cream or champagne colour on a manually operated track and are designed to complement a second shading system.


Stage curtains provide the touch of drama to cinemas, theatres and multipurpose halls. Our stage curtains range includes heavy and sumptuous fabrics in a wide range of colours and finishes. Stage curtains are typically lined, weighted and mounted on the heaviest duty tracks and traditionally complemented by wings, pelmets and masking curtains in the same or matching fabric.


Acoustic curtains are often installed in recording studios or areas where amplified sound will reverberate from hard surfaces, and provide critical sound attenuation. Our range of acoustic curtains includes fabrics of varying densities which are optimised for varying sound wavelengths. Acoustic curtains are available in a wide range of colours to suit your particular installation.


Draperies provide a soft shading style and a comforting environment and are a popular shading solution in many hotels, boardrooms, schools, country houses and private and social residences across the UK. They include single, lined and interlined versions, and a wide range of heading types. We source fabrics from all major UK & European fabric houses, ensuring we can offer a wide choice of colours, textures and styles.

Cubicle curtains and tracking  

Our cubicle curtains and tracking system provides excellent patient privacy in many hospitals and clinics in both the NHS and in the private healthcare sector. Our range is HTM66 (design and fitting of curtains in the health sector) compliant and includes the option to include anti-ligature strategies for high-risk environments. Carefully built to deliver years of trouble-free service, this system is designed for the needs of the end user; curtain removal points and wheeled gliders make it quick and simple to change curtains for cleaning or replacement, and the system can limit bacteria growth by incorporating a Biosafe® antibacterial finish as an option.


Curtains may be hand-drawn, operated by cord, or motorised with fixed or wireless control.

Cord drawn 

A strong and easy to use system ideal for larger windows or heavier curtains. With cord operation all curtains, heavy, awkward or difficult to reach can be comfortably and easily handled. Cord operation prevents soiling of curtains that comes with frequent handling and are virtually maintenance free.

Hand drawn 

Hand drawn curtain tracks are the most economical and simple to use and allow you to express the style of your choice - either contemporary or traditional. Ideal for use in commercial, educational or healthcare organisations.


This versatile system gives freedom from manual operation and is the choice in large assembly halls, or for security when away from the residence. Movement of the curtains is achieved via a control system linked to the 240V mains power, or by a discreet, wireless, handheld device.