Stansons’ new look offices

Sep 06, 2017

Creating an agile, collaborative workspace.

We’re delighted to unveil our newly refurbished offices near Gatwick, designed to bring our brand and core values to life by providing a productive, collaborative and efficient working environment.


Our new look office is a completely agile working environment that puts people at the heart of the business. An overhaul of our IT and phone infrastructure, using leading enterprise cloud-based technology, means our team is easily contactable and responsive, even when on the go. This allows employees to work flexibly, ensuring best in class service, proactive, intelligent working practices, as well as a great work-life balance.


The interior design and use of cutting edge furnishings, overseen by our installation manager Spencer Barrett, has created an inspiring range of spaces from private meeting booths to creative break-out areas that allow employees to work in the environment best suited to their task at hand. With no set desks, this new agile working environment has created a stimulating and supportive atmosphere that drives a self-directed and efficient approach to delivering optimum solutions to clients.

The application of colour psychology has also been used throughout the offices to ensure working spaces are as optimised and enjoyable as possible, with blue palettes being used in booths to help with focus and concentration during meetings whilst orange hues bring a joyful, collaborative sense of fun to informal break out spaces. All décor is also in line with the Stansons brand, creating a working environment that truly brings the brand to life.


With free lunches, flexible working and high specification office furnishings we’re setting new standards in our working environment and how we care for our clients, our staff and our vendors. The welcoming new look office is an exciting culmination of our mission and vision and we look forward to inviting our customers and suppliers to our new headquarters.