Stansons Group at Explore Offsite Education conference

Jul 25, 2017

Stansons Group were delighted to attend the Explore Offsite Education conference at Altitude London on the 11th July.

These events are centred around the offsite construction sector and the range of technologies on offer. In this case the focus fell on the education sector, following on from a report by the National Audit Office (a body that scrutinises public spending for parliament) earlier in the year, who found that a considerable amount of school buildings in England required substantial repairs.

Such repairs are estimated to cost £6.7bn, in order to return all school buildings to a ‘satisfactory’ condition and a further £7.1bn to bring parts of school buildings up to a ‘good’ condition. Hence there is a huge demand for the built offsite industry to meet this nationwide requirement.

It was very interesting to talk to key players and discuss this crucial stage of development in detail. We found that there is a pressing need for lean supply chain solutions across the entire industry, for which Stansons Group is a close fit.

The day was very enjoyable and gave us the opportunity to present our solutions and network with a range of business professionals. It was particularly good to be able to stand with our customers (Caledonian, Elliott Group, McAvoy) while discussing our services with architects and education specialists. This event provided Stansons Group a chance to continue developing our working relationships with our customers and discuss ways in which we can evolve together.