Love is blind – A Stansons love story

Feb 05, 2018

Like most great love stories, it started with ‘hello’. Someone said, “you’ll love Stansons, I think you two will get on really well.” As with all blind dates there were so many questions: will they be the right fit for me? Will they really pay attention to what I have to say? Or will this be just another shady ‘one size fits all’ date where they waste my time, money and resources?

To seek reassurance, they spoke to their friends who’d given them the recommendation. After researching further, it was evident that this date had potential. Their reputation was outstanding; an experienced leader in the field with a background in residential, education, commercial, hospitality and healthcare. Knowledgeable, stylish and well-polished - just the sort you’d like to take home.

Suddenly, both were excited about how this could develop in to a fruitful partnership. They talked on the phone, plans were exchanged, and the blind date was set: 14th February, Valentine’s Day. Eagerly they met, and with the light streaming through they measured each other up. They liked what they saw, and it was clear to see that this was a premium date. Both felt supported, protected and as though they were getting a truly bespoke service.

Time passed in the blink of an eye but there was no denying it – they were in love! An idea was proposed; what about engagement? Without hesitation they said “yes!” and the first of many commitments were made. They visited properties together, each looking forward to the window of opportunities ahead, each one thankful that they listened to the recommendation to arrange a blind date.

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*** Any appointments booked asking for a Stansons Blind Date will receive a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. Offer applied to appointments booked between the 12th – 18th February 2018. ***