How can BlindBox™ enhance your project?

Feb 08, 2017

We're proud to showcase BlindBox™, a fresh view on the traditional bulkhead. BlindBox™ works by providing aluminium universal housing, designed to accommodate most makes of blinds. At Stansons Group, we know that BlindBox™ will enhance your project with its speed of installation, aesthetics, less mess and cost saving features.


Take a look at what BlindBox™ can do for your project...

The traditional way to hide blinds usually involves constructing a bulkhead in timber and plasterboard, which then also has to be decorated. Whilst BlindBox™ works in a similar way, by providing a universal housing, it offers the option of a closure plate to conceal the blinds further and a ceiling flange that integrates with the main ceiling.


This innovative solution is sold in 3m lengths and is designed to be installed to a completed shell, before ceiling construction.

Once installed, BlindBox™ creates a recessed housing which conceals retracted blinds and provides the perimeter ceiling edge in one simple profile. Due to the ease of the installation, there is no further requirement for drilling on-site and the blinds are cleanly fitted just before handover. You can expect minimal dust, debris and material wastage.


BlindBox™ provides a very secure fixing with bracket locks to suit Armour systems, reducing your reliance on the installer. Its bracket-locking system works to secure the blind support brackets, eliminating the risk of them being pulled out. This fixes the whole width of the blind, dramatically reducing fixing load points. The brackets are square and millimetre perfect.

BlindBox Bulkhead vs Plasterboard Bulkhead

BlindBox™ will present your project with the much needed aesthetically pleasing solution to covering blinds, as well as saving time, money, and bringing your project forward.

Pleasing on the eye…

Blindbox™ forms a sleek, sophisticated, clean housing that will conceal the retracted blinds, brackets and mechanisms, leaving the blind totally inconspicuous when raised.

  • Aligned perfectly with ceiling level.
  • Provides edge flange for the ceiling.
  • A simple, single-piece solution.
  • Includes a cover plate that will conceal the blinds.
  • Ideal for use with motorised and BMS systems.

Save precious time on your project…

Installing BlindBox™ will cut your site time, allowing your whole project to move forward. If you choose to move away from the traditional solution of constructing and decorating a bulkhead, you can save 75% on labour time.

  • As it is a single-piece fitting, it is quick and easy to install.
  • Saves you from the lengthy process of constructing and decorating a traditional bulkhead.
  • A dry solution; no wet trades.
  • Will also cut the installation time of the blinds themselves.

Save money…

BlindBox™ enables you to make a significant saving in cost and on-site time, so much so that it is installed as a continuous ceiling perimeter, whether blinds are required or not.

  • Decrease site labour and working hours.
  • Leaves less wastage and excess material
  • In a one-piece profile, it can combine the role of the bulkhead and perimeter trim.

Curious about BlindBox™? Want to find out more? Well here’s your chance to ask the creator himself. Tweet your questions and queries with #ArmourBlindBox, and Rick Stanley will respond live at 2pm on Thursday 16th of February.


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