5 Wellness Lighting trends at Clerkenwell Design Week

May 31, 2018

One of the most exciting events at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 was the new Light exhibition at Fabric Nightclub. This not only highlights the importance of light when it comes to interior design, but the spotlight is now on how wellness lighting is at the forefront of architects’ minds.

Micro influencers are giving the big names in design a run for their money when it comes to driving the latest trends in commercial and residential lighting, as demonstrated by the array of pop up installations at CDW2018. We’ve curated the top 5 creative projects explored by lighting experts at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week:

1. Perspective Traditionally lights hung from the ceiling as a conservative and functional formality. At Clerkenwell designers exhibited lighting that encouraged visitors to look around their environment as light protruded from every angle imaginable. One example of contemporary design was Brokis’ geometric piece that used 14 glass tubes of light to radiate light in all directions and takes up a staggering 2.6 meter diameter.

2. Biophilia A recurring theme that was hot in 2017 and remains strong in 2018 was the biophilic aesthetic. Throughout the festival lamps were adorned with lush green plants, tiny spotlights peaked out of moss walls, and low hanging bulbs had emerald green ivy wrapped around the cord. An innovative piece from Calibo showed a fluorescent bright circle eclipsed by a circle of moss; a clever way to combine nature in an area that needs to be well lit.

3. Nature Natural textures and surfaces were key in how light was displayed. There were many eco-friendly lamps focusing on sustainability, but where this wasn’t possible then the design took inspiration from the natural habitat, bringing the outside in. Japanese brand Di-Classe created ‘Auro Wood’, a thin wooden lamp using Hinoki which is said to contain natural healing properties and offered ambient lighting to soothe the soul.

4. Design Contemporary lighting design stimulates the senses, as demonstrated by Rich Brilliant Willing’s LED fixtures that brought warmth and energy to their experimental fixtures. Guided by technology and simplicity, statement pieces included a modern homage to a chandelier, using geometry and soft-glow bulbs to create a truly cutting-edge specimen that more closely resembles art than it does a light.

5. Illumination Lighting has a profound effect on the biological functioning of the body. Dutch brand Calex recognises the health implications associated with harsh bright lights and offers a kaleidoscope of colours by way of ambient light collections. Energy efficient mood lighting controlled by your smartphone offers a glimpse in to futuristic lighting. These fresh concepts mean you can select lighting based on your mood, whether it’s ‘warm and romantic’, ‘pleasant and homely’ or ‘cool and purposeful’.

Wellness lighting is a trending demand as our knowledge of the benefits natural daylight brings increases plus as technology to simulate daylight develops. Stansons Group explores ways to manage and maximise the sunshine in our working and living environments through intelligent specification of window blinds and curtain systems, fabrics and controls. Speak to one of our experts to find out more about managing light on your project.