5 Design Trends for 2018

Apr 27, 2018

Bold colours

“We are seeing a big return to bright and clear colours… people are so over grey, beige, and greige” says interior designer Timothy Corrigan. Whilst Scandi interiors are still popular, people are beginning to be a little bit more daring with their colour, opting for peacock blue and emerald greens.

Rainey Richardson from the same named interiors says, “2018 will be about anything but neutral tones. Things are moving in a bold direction. Reds, strong blues and vibrant greens, in particular. People have tired of neutral, sometimes boring palettes.”


(Credit: House Beautiful and Home Design Ideas)


Think brushed, non-shiny metallic such as brass, nickel and gold. Mixed metal inspiration boards on Pinterest have soared by over 400%.

New York based designer Juliet Gold says, “I see a continued affection for mixing metal finishes in all areas, from furniture, kitchen and bathroom fixtures to lighting, cabinet hardware and accessories. Copper, bronze, brass, satin brass, gold and black nickel now all work together and are interchangeable”.


(Credit: Design Build Ideas and Nordstrom)

Statement ceilings

Pinterest reported a 300% increase in ‘statement ceiling’ searches by the end of 2017, so the 5th wall is finally having its moment. Ceiling murals, intricate exposed beams and patterned wallpaper are all adorning the previously neglected area.

English interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard says, “beige interiors are banished, making way for colour and pattern, and the forgotten ceiling is now a decorating playground ready to be wallpapered, lacquered, gilded, or plastered with abandon.”


(Credit: both photos from apartment therapy)


Huge in the 70’s, this speckled texture is back in a big way. A vast part of its appeal is that it uses recycled material, which can only be a good thing for the earth-conscious interior designers of today. Replacing the marble trend of 2017, terrazzo is a composite material that engulfs outcast chips of ceramics, quartz, glass, granite and marble in a clean finish resin.


(Credit: BHS and Apartment Therapy)


Plants and palettes; it’s all going green this year. Biophilia has planted its roots as the essential accessory for all offices and homes, and the trend continues to thrive in 2018. Nadia McCowan Hill, Wayfair’s resident style advisor says, “there will be a move away from the hot tropics in favour of a more classical botanical style, which convey a natural serenity and understated sense of calm in our spaces.”

Large leaved plants, botanical artwork and leafy wallpaper are the ways to inject foliage in to your urban workspace. Calke Green was nominated as Farrow & Ball’s key colour for 2018, whilst American interior decorator Alex Papachristidis commented on how “Green has been missing from the market lately. It’s a colour that I love and will always use, and I feel it’s making a comeback.”


(Credit: Dezeen and Murals Wallpaper)

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