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A garden view without the glare of the sun

The owners of Thornhurst required an extensive refurbishment and extension to the property. With the addition of a glass-walled family room overlooking the garden the owners wanted to achieve an ‘inside-out’ feeling to the space. Stansons were only too pleased to help with the owner's request and work with their Architect.

Bringing everything outside in – except the glare of the sun

Stansons brief was to help aid the architect’s vision of a seamless transition between the garden and the living space. An external wall entered the interior and all the glass panels were operable. But on days when the windows were shut, a shading solution was needed.

The Stansons Solution

Stansons first answer was to take advantage of the bulkhead that surrounded the lowered ceiling. There, all the roller blind mechanisms and fixings were placed out of view. The next step was to employ Stansons Woven Mesh fabric for the blinds. When closed, the blinds allowed the garden to viewed, whilst reducing solar glare and heat radiation to the interior. The neutral colour of the blind fabric blended with the decoration of the extension and also helped contribute to the inside-out feel - even when the blinds were completely closed.

A smooth transition between interior and exterior

Being true to our corporate values, Stansons completed the work on time and on budget. Both architect and home-owner praised the final inside-out effect.