The Minster Building


Natural disaster management
Morgan Lovell
Billingsgate, EC3
Morgan Lovell
Etched acoustic felt panels


Acoustic felt panels with custom etched design to main reception area and meeting rooms.

The design, survey, supply and install of these acoustic panels greatly improved acoustic comfort. A much needed solution in the reception area due to a lot of hard surfaces and space, and in meeting rooms due to high concentrations of people.

The etching was a very clever design feature by Morgan Lovell that reflects the appearance of the client’s storm tracking maps. An impressive way to improve room acoustics whilst subtly enhancing what the client does.

Acoustic comfort is one of the key factors to get right in workspace design as it has such an effect on well-being, productivity and quality of work.

Getting your acoustics specified right will greatly improve your client’s workspace satisfaction and can also be an impressive element of your design. Want support with a similar project?