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Sayes Court Primary School

A lesson in solar radiation

Sayes Court School in Addlestone, Surrey pride themselves on having a purposeful and engaging learning environment. One where 4-11 year old children are challenged to perform at their best educationally and socially, preparing them for secondary school and beyond. A recent refurbishment programme had created a new conservatory - and a shading issue

The conservatory that conserved too much heat

The new conservatory was a popular spot, giving a light, outdoor atmosphere to an enclosed part of the school. However on sunny summer days, heat build up and excessive solar glare made the area almost unusable. After a particularly sunny period the school sent for Stansons to reduce the glare in the conservatory, without losing too much light.

The Stansons Solution

Stansons solution was to coat the conservatory glass in Stansons Silver 20 Reflective Film. This high performance material reflects 80% of solar radiation in summer months whilst in winter months retains 30% of the interior heat. Best of all, the film keeps light levels at an optimum level to help retain the bright, enjoyable atmosphere. As can be seen in the picture, the shaded part of the whiteboard is still perfectly legible.

More time playing and learning outdoors

Sayes Court children and staff now had a conservatory they could enjoy, play and learn in, all year round. An all-round good result for Stansons, as well.