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Royal Horticultural Society

The restaurant that stays green all year

The garden at Wisley is the Royal Horticultural Society’s most popular asset, attracting over 900,000 visitors a year. The 240-acre site includes several informal and formal gardens, glasshouses and an extensive arboretum. Wisley is increasingly being used as an entertainment venue and the centerpiece is simply known as The Restaurant. It was for this environment that the RHS invited Stansons to create - not just a shading solution - but also an idea that would enhance the venue.

The restaurant in harmony with the seasons

The Restaurant at RHS Wisley is an elegant structure built in steel and glass. The ethos of the venue is that both the food and the décor change with the seasons. Stansons brief was to counteract the changing climate of the seasons – creating excessive heat build up and glare in summer, wasteful heat-loss in winter. However just a shading solution was not enough - it had to add to the elegance and beauty of The Restaurant itself.

The Stansons Solution

Firstly, Stansons worked closely with the RHS design team and discussed a number of fabrics and textures for the blinds. At the end of an extensive evaluation process, Stansons Pinoleum Wood Weave was chosen. Now the team turned to the method of hanging the blinds. A number of different ways were evaluated, but the best was a draping process similar to swagging. This method provided a design effect that was as elegant as it was efficient in combating both solar radiation and heat loss.

Growing pride

The RHS were extremely pleased with the open, fresh and opulent atmosphere that the Pinoleum Wood Weave blinds created. Stansons is proud to have helped grow such a fitting solution.