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High tech glass – high tech shading

HSBC is one of the world's largest banking and financial services organisations. With around 6,000 offices in 71 countries, their aim is to connect their 47 million customers to opportunities, enabling businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, and ultimately helping people to fulfill their hopes and realise their ambitions. A division of the bank took over 210 Pentonville Road London, an ambitiously refurbished and re-clad office block, and a shading solution was required.

Extraordinary shading required

210 Pentonville Road features a high performance glazing system framed with aluminium, whilst the building's envelope incorporates high performance glass and solar control louvres. In this high-tech environment, HSBC knew instantly that no ordinary shading solution would have a place here. The bank required manual roller blinds to office areas, black-out blinds to meeting rooms and horizontally-striped manifestation frost film. Only an extraordinary shading company would be able to fulfill this brief: Stansons.

The Stansons Solution

For the roller blinds Stansons proposed Mermet 8505 M screen 3% Pearl Grey fabric Vision Blinds. The black-out fabric would be Bosworth fabric and the internal window film, PV900 Opaque Frost. Of course, all fabric was colourfast and fire resistant to BS 5867 Part 1. The manifestation film was cut to 18 horizontal stripes at 780mm FFL. The blinds were installed into Stansons’ Armour BlindBox™ system. This unique and innovative system developed by Stansons, enables the retracted roller blind and the mechanisms to be contained in a box that fits flush with the ceiling level, as a dry solution. The blinds also featured anti-slip sidewinder controls via nickel-plated, steel ball chain, mechanical limit stops and fabric covered bottom bar.

Time is money but love is BlindBox™

No one knows that time is money more than a bank. HSBC has little or no tolerance for delayed or late-running projects. However Stansons Armour BlindBox™ alone saved around 75% of the time required to fit blinds in the conventional bulkhead fashion – and that’s money in the bank.