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Holy Cross Preparatory School

Tall order for a school performance

Holy Cross Preparatory School is a caring community, which strives to enable each child to realise their full potential; spiritually, academically, personally and physically. The school is situated in an 8 acre site, steeped in royal history near Kingston Upon Thames. The main school building dates from 1870, but this is a modern-thinking school, awarded Sunday Times Prep School of the Year in 2013. Also, a recent building programme had created a new school hall with impressive 6.4 meter floor to ceiling windows. A tall order? Not for Stansons.

Assembly time in the hall

The school requested blinds for the hall that could shade the full 6.4 metre height of the windows to create a black-out environment for school performances and presentations. A clerestory set into the roof also had to be cloaked in black-out blinds. Due to the size and volume of the shading material, motorisation and remote control was a given.

The Stansons Solution

In order to create a strong, uncluttered installation Stansons proposed the motorised Shy Zip system. This is a highly durable solution where the fabric will not split out of the side rails even when subjected to reasonable force. Also all hardware including the cassettes, bottom and side rails were custom-painted to match the window mullions. Whilst manual controls for all blinds were installed, an intelligent remote control, interfaced with a smart window system to enable the blinds to rise and fall automatically, according to the ambient temperature in the hall.

Curtain call

Now Holy Cross Preparatory School not only enjoys an impressive hall, they have a performance environment they can control at will, whatever the weather, day or evening. Stansons were proud to play their part well.