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Gifford Primary School

Space to learn – whatever the weather

Gifford Primary School, in Northolt, North West London, gives a high priority to numeracy and literacy. The school also believes in providing an excellent and enjoyable education, which enables all children to achieve their highest standards. The school’s stylish environment features a large amount of open space. It was this space that could give problems in bad weather, or hot sunny days.

A lesson in outdoor sheltering

Acting upon research that shows that young children need to learn outside the classroom, the school wanted to expand the outdoor learning and play space, regardless of the weather. What was required was a portable, modular and easily erectable solution. Of particular importance was the need to avoid trip hazards on the playground surface.

The Stansons Solution

Stansons proposal was the deployment of Stansons Jumbrellas. These giant umbrellas are strong but flexible. They are quickly erected and taken down for easy storage, when not in use. They are the perfect answer to create an outdoor classroom or play area. Two notable features are the removable guttering between the jumbrellas and the ground anchoring system. This created a flush join between the Jumbrella leg and playground surface to avoid a trip hazard. Jumbrellas also have options for lighting and heating.

More time playing and learning outdoors

The Gifford Primary School children were able to spend more time outdoors and the staff praised the Stansons Jumbellas for their ease of use - and safe anchoring system. A good report all round.