Christopher Boones Almhouse

An urgent solution

Previously home to an outdated site built in 1963, this transformation has created urgently needed specialised housing for the older residents in Lewisham. Not only does this new scheme improve the street scape but it will also create a more interesting and safer environment for the people in the local area.

The landscaped centre piece of the development features a circular covered walkway that leads to a communal summer lounge, a terraced garden designed as a quieter space for residents, and a garden for those interested in horticulture and vegetable growing.

The Scheme

These state-of-the-art homes with generous apartment sizes have been sympathetically designed with the residents in mind, particularly those who are older and desire modern homes with nearby access to care. PRP’s design approach revolved around the need to care and protect older people, a clearly ingrained ideal throughout the development. These dual-aspect apartments for those over 57 are configured as a U-shaped block, wrapping around a beautiful central garden courtyard. The apartments are generous in size at 10-15% larger than the minimum space standards and all benefit from bay windows and large balconies, allowing natural light and fresh air for the residents.

Client was key

What was key for this project were the discussions and integration with the project team in arriving at a solution that the client liked and suited their requirements, alongside good volume and project management this ensured a successful delivery of over 550 roller blinds. There was also an aspect of social housing across the road for which Stansons installed cost effective dim out roller blinds for the housing association One Housing Group.

The Stansons solution

In order to achieve this solution Stansons conducted design meetings on site working with the client and contractor before reaching the final decision. Stansons were very pleased to have early involvement in this project, in developing the solution together with the client and contractor it meant Stansons discussed and resolved all potential issues at the design stage giving the best solution in terms of the product, its integration on site and for the residents who are at the heart of this development.

The Almshouses specification for bedrooms were double roller blinds, one in an open screen fabric to allow a pleasant level of natural daylight filtration into the apartments. Key for residents spending a lot of time in their home. The second blind to bedrooms gave the residents the ability to blackout the room at night time. The living areas had the open screen fabric roller blinds only.