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DLA Piper

An advocate for opulence

DLA Piper is a global law company with offices in more than 30 countries so is able to help corporates with their legal needs anywhere in the world. Their ultra-stylish offices at No. 3 Noble Street London had undergone a refurbishment and they briefed their interior designer for the final touch: Window shading that was simple, discreet and elegant. The designer sought expert advice from Stansons.

A call for an expert witness

DLP Piper’s designer felt voile curtains could provide the right look of discreet opulence but looked to Stansons for support. Other than the sheer amount of window area to be covered, there were technical challenges as well that had to be addressed.

The Stansons Solution

One of the early recommendations was Stansons Wave Damaro white voile on a 80mm Surfcord track. These high-quality, voile curtains look beautiful when gathered open, yet retain a high level of transmitted light, with a discreet feel and a reasonable level of outward vision, when closed. This choice was approved and Stansons went to work. Now the guest dining rooms, meeting and boardrooms all benefit from this elegant fabric. Impressive technical challenges were overcome such as the 40 metre main hallway, which took on a new ambience when clothed in Stansons voile.

An elegant verdict

DLP Piper have completed their refurbishment and can now continue their global business in a discreet and comfortable atmosphere. Stansons were glad to be involved with the brief.