333 Bath Street


Student Accommodation
Empiric Student Property
Glasgow, G2
Interserve Construction
Armour premium double roller blinds


Armour premium double roller blinds with Hattin 10% screen fabric and Marston black out fabric. Blinds were installed to all bedrooms and perimeter windows with operation via manual chain.

Double roller blinds were designed to provide students two options of light and privacy at each window. Hattin 10% screen fabric maintained effective glare control for working whilst providing high levels of outward vision across the city. Marston black out fabric gave 100% privacy and black out for sleeping.

Are you working on a student accommodation or a space that requires multiple light management solutions? Double roller blinds give the best of both worlds with the ability to combine two very different performing fabrics together at the same opening. These blinds can be simply motorised to eliminate manual chains.