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Our blinds offer a stylish and contemporary solution to window shading and solar glare control. Available with a wide choice of fabrics and operating systems, these intelligent window solutions deliver unparalleled performance for years.

Roller Blinds  

Roller blinds are a flexible solution particularly suited to educational and commercial buildings where there is a need to control light and solar gain. Roller blind systems can be paired with many different types of high performance and screen fabrics. Our range also includes cassettes, fabric guiding options and other accessories to ensure it can provide the solution for a wide range of applications.

Roller blinds can be operated by chain or crank and by motorised options with choice of control systems from a simple remote handset through to an automated control system linked to environmental sensors.

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Vertical Blinds  

Vertical blinds are one of the most versatile types of shading available and offer superb light control. By turning the louvres, natural daylight is brought to the work area and glare is eliminated. Vertical blinds are available in 89mm and 127mm versions, and louvres can stack to either side, both sides or gather in the centre.

Vertical blinds are particularly suited for IT areas where fine solar control is required.

In addition to the standard systems for rectangular windows, versions are available to suit bent, curved or sloping headrails for shaped windows. Vertical blinds can be operated via cord and chain, wand control or a range of motorised options.

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Venetian Blinds  

Venetian blinds offer excellent light control by slat tilting, allowing natural daylight and controlling glare. Internal Venetian blinds are available in 15, 25 and 50mm versions. Venetian blinds are particularly suited for use between glazing and in areas where fine solar control is required.

Venetian blinds are available in a range of colours and special finishes, including solid and perforated slats. Venetian blinds can be operated via cord and wand, chain, crank or dual glazed tilt button. Motorised options can include controls ranging from remote handsets to automated systems providing slat alignment across multiple blinds.

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Pleated Blinds  

Pleated blinds are available in a standard pleat or a cellular fabric. These blinds are ideally suited to sloped and shaped or complex window designs where the slim profile provides flexibility for challenging or complicated installations.

Pleated blinds are available in a wide range of fabrics, including blackout fabrics, dim-out fabrics and a range of solar reflective coatings for greater solar gain control. Pleated blinds can be operated by hand or control rod, or motorised with a choice of controls.

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External Blinds  

External blinds provide the most efficient method of controlling solar gain by preventing solar energy from entering the building. Our range of blinds includes external grade roller blinds and awnings. All are manufactured using the highest grade materials and fabrics and have undergone rigorous and extensive testing.

External blinds are usually motorised and concealed within the building façade. They are available in a wide range of fabrics, providing external vision for building occupants while precisely controlling glare. External blinds can be operated by a choice of controls ranging from simple remote handsets through to automated systems linked to wind, rain and sun sensors.

Roof Blinds  

Our range of roof blinds includes roof pleated blinds and roof roller blinds. Both systems are available in a wide range of fabrics including blackout fabrics, dim-out fabrics and solar reflective coatings for greater solar gain control. Roof blinds are designed to be able to stop in any position to provide exactly the desired amount of shade.

Roof roller blinds are available with cassettes and side channels for total light exclusion.

Smaller openings can be operated manually or by an electric motor, while larger openings are available only with motorised control. They can be operated by a range of controls from simple remote handsets through to automated systems linked to environmental sensors.

Intelligent Fabrics  

Armour intelligent fabrics offer a full range of textile solutions designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of your shading projects. With fabric ranging from simple, durable, everyday styles to more executive varying open weave fabrics all the way up to opulent and luxury designs, there is a fabric solution to suit any application.

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A fresh view on the traditional timber and plasterboard bulkhead, BlindBox™ is created from aluminium to conceal a roller blind above a ceiling. Providing a perfect edge at the window opening our system creates a secure fixing ground for brackets, saving on installation and reducing waste.

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Our intelligent blinds control the amount of light penetrating the window by manual cord and chain, manual wand, or motorised systems, giving the user choice.

Cord and chain, and wand systems provide simple manual control. Motorised systems allow remote operation where direct access to the blind is not feasible or desired.


The most common operation for roller blinds is nickel plated steel ball chain. A smooth and traditional manual operation that may require additional chain retainers in compliance with child safety legislation.


A cordless solution that is a safe choice. Wands are available in a range of sizes and colour matched to suit the blind system.


This versatile system gives freedom from manual operation, and is the choice in large assembly halls, or for security when away from the residence. Movement of the blinds are achieved via a control system linked to the 240V mains power, or by a discreet, wireless, handheld device.


A more robust and child-safe option than chain operation, crank handles can operate much larger and heavier blinds. The detachable shaft has a magnetic coupling enabling the user to remove the handle, preventing unauthorised operation of the blinds. This is ideal for schools and colleges.


Energy savings and improved comfort can be achieved by using environmental sensors to intelligently adjust the shading in responses to the surrounding environment.

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