June Employee in the Spotlight

Jun 12, 2017

Meet this month’s Employee in the Spotlight, Charlotte Dallimore. She’s our Technical Estimator here at Stansons Group.

Charlotte has been with us for just over two years, having started in November 2014. Her role includes pricing how much projects will cost to complete, based on information sent through from clients. This involves a lot of interpretation and collaboration with account managers and members of the production team. She finds the process as a whole very rewarding, from taking a collection of plans, to putting together the client’s requirements like a jigsaw, and then producing a comprehensive estimation at the end.

Charlotte would love to travel to Egypt, Greece and Italy to absorb all of their rich history, but is just as happy taking a trip closer to home! She is also very musical and enjoys singing as well as playing the piano, which she has been perfecting since the age of four.

Her current short term goal is to finish renovating her house, but longer term… marriage and children are on the cards!